PB&Js For Kids

Houston-area Which Wich restaurants recently teamed up with Kids’ Meals, Inc. to help end hunger in the Houston area. The stores have committed to donate 3,000 wiches to Houston children throughout the summer and the first donation of 1,000 PB&Js took place on Thursday, July 10.


TJ Schier, Which Wich franchisee said, 
“What this donation did was put a face to the project. We were able to have an impact on a huge organization and help over 3,000 kids in needs. We’re trying to figure out how we can do even more.


“This particular organization is feeding kids eight years old and younger, so peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a natural fit for them because every kid likes PB&Js. The stores that actually made the food understand the impact of that their efforts have in helping other people. It makes our team more bonded to the program now. It’s not like we’re just selling a sandwich and the money is going somewhere else. My team members were able to see personally that they helped make sandwiches that fed needy kids in their community. We’re not doing this to sell a sandwich, we’re doing it to help other people.”