Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have always had a special place in Jeff and Courtney Sinelli’s hearts. As the founders of Which Wich, a PB&J was the first wich made at the restaurant and it’s a sandwich that simply makes them happy. They’re hoping to help spread that love.


Which Wich founders Jeff and Courtney Sinelli share a love for the PB&J sandwich. As kids, they both requested PB&Js for lunch. Every day. After they met, fell in love, and opened the first Which Wich, the very first sandwich they made at the restaurant was a PB&J. After working long, hard hours, it became a tradition for them to enjoy PB&J’s as comfort food at the end of the day. It may be simple, but PB&Js simply make them happy.


After supporting hundreds of charitable causes since founding the company, Jeff and Courtney wanted a more direct path to help people in need. It occurred to them that maybe they could change the world by giving away PB&Js. After all, sometimes a sandwich can really make a difference, whether it’s providing nourishment, comfort, or just a little happiness.


Many have said that life’s true meaning is found in what you give, not in what you take. In that vein, we give with our hearts, our time, and our love. The theme “Spread the Love” defines what we’re trying to accomplish.


You can help us Spread the Love. By purchasing a PB&J at our stores, Which Wich will donate another to someone in need.